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Dance moms drama, Every week, anna callegari and sue smith discuss the lifetime show, dance moms, which chronicles the lives of the finest crazy bitches america has to offer..
Danthat’scool! » dance moms blog, Dance moms: one mo’ time. say hello to kaya and bye bye to broadway baby. it’s all good in da ‘hood, bitch. thursday, february 28th, 2013.

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Dance moms | lifetime moms, Returning to dance class after the silent protest was easy for me and kendall. even though we were only gone for a week, kendal read more ».
Danthat’scool! » blog archive » dance moms: there’s only one, Dance moms: there’s only one star! the constellation called crazy abby lights up the sky one last time..
Tuesday, january 1, 2013: dance moms – going through channels blog, Blog about popular tv shows, daily tv picks and viewing recommendations. read tv show picks and viewing recommendations at television without pity..

Dance moms recap: picking at scabs – channel guide magazine, Looks like we’re divided kinda 50-50 on whether we’re ok with abby’s new dancers or not, dance moms fans. which is bad news for the half who aren’t so charmed.

Dance Moms Recap: Return Of The Dream Team | Reality TV Magazine